About MIKE

As a young boy, Mike looked up to his older sister’s boyfriend, now husband, an Austin Police Officer.  Mike’s father passed away when he was only eight years old, and his current brother-in-law was the only positive male role model he had.  Even while his sister was away at college his brother-in-law would help around the house, mowing the grass, and doing repairs.  Mike looked up to him, and once he was in high school he began doing ride-alongs with him and learned the practical side of policing.  Once Mike graduated from high school, he began taking college courses while working for Williamson County as a corrections officer. Mike was deputized in 1993 and later moved to Patrol. He then attended night school, eventually obtained his MBA, and graduated from the FBI National Academy.  Mike currently resides with his family in Cedar Park, Williamson County.  



As a native Texan with 24 years of service in Williamson County, Mike Gleason has gained knowledge in every aspect of the Sheriff's Office. Mike understands the foundation of each division, allowing  him to successfully make changes and improvements. By displaying excellent leadership skills and proficiency in his roles, Mike continued to promote within the Sheriff’s Office and last held the position of Assistant Chief Deputy. While at the WCSO, Mike received 109 letters of commendation from numerous citizens, senators, congressmen, local chiefs of police, civic organizations, council members, mayors, corporate CEOs, HOA/MUD boards, and the current Williamson County Sheriff, Robert Chody.

After retiring from the Williamson County Sheriff's Office, Mike has continued to serve his community by using his vast law enforcement knowledge to provide consulting and transportation services. 

Mike founded FOCUS Security Consultants, which is comprised of law enforcement professionals from all over the public safety industry and provides consulting in all facets of law enforcement, public safety, large public events, specialized tactical events, dignitary/executive protection, and special needs transportation. Mike is also a co-owner of BUBBL Austin, which specializes in securely and safely transporting children, elderly, and special needs residents in the Austin Metro area. BUBBL uses a fleet of standardized cars driven by off-duty or honorably retired Texas Peace Officers. 

Experience at the Williamson County Sheriff's Office

Assistant Chief Deputy, WCSO

As Bureau Chief over corrections, Mike oversaw a staff of over 300 employees with an average annual budget of $22.5 million dollars. Mike ensured proper medical/mental health and dental services were provided to all inmates by overseeing three doctors on contract staff (MD, PhD - Psych, and DDS). Additionally, Mike was responsible for overseeing all Jail Standards mandates, where he maintained a 100% approval rating during his command.  

Captain (Commander) of Patrol Services, WCSO

For over 5 years, Mike was in charge of: Patrol Districts, Traffic Enforcement, License and Weight, School Resource Officers, D.A.R.E., Crime Prevention, SWAT, Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), Swift Water Rescue, Dive Recovery, K9, Motor Units, Hostage Negotiations, Animal Control, and Livestock Investigators. 

Lieutenant, Headquarters Administration, WCSO

For over 3 years, Mike was in charge of several specialized units based out of the Sheriff’s Office headquarters. The primary function of these units was to collect information from staff and analyze data for the preparation of the annual Patrol Services Divisions Budget. Additionally, Mike had the responsibility to order all motor vehicles for the division and handle all repairs and replacements. In this position, Mike was also responsible for overseeing any and all equipment issues to the division and its personnel.

Additional Positions Held By Mike at the WCSO 

Lieutenant, Patrol Services West Command 

Lieutenant, Internal Affairs  

Lieutenant, Patrol Services East Command

Sergeant, Patrol Services

Corporal, Patrol Services

Deputy, Patrol Services

Corrections Officer   


   In his numerous positions at the Williamson County Sheriff's Office, Mike led many initiatives, received numerous commendations, and participated in multiple special projects and committees. 

  • Served on the Capitol Metro Safety Committee, representing all of Williamson County. Mike mandated and received the maximum security efforts that could be afforded for child and adult pedestrians along the Williamson County route. 
  • Career Member, Williamson County Mental Health Task Force
  • Created WCSO's First formal Honor Guard Team
  • Created WCSO's First Computerized and Standardized Field Training Officer Program (with Commander James David)
  • Created WCSO's First Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Unit of the Year (100 Club, National Institute Justice, and National Sheriff of the Year)
  • Procured Training and Specialized Equipment for: bringing SWAT to Level ONE Status, WCSO Mounted Bike Patrol, all Special Missions Teams, Dive Recovery, Swift Water Rescue, and Crisis Negotiations.
  • WCSO Team Lead for Current Pay Scale initiative resulting in Tenure Based Pay System.
  • County Lead member for OSSI SunGard CAD, AVL, RMS, and Business Practices for all 32 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP).
  • Member of the team research, design, fund and implement the Austin Regional Intelligence Center (ARIC) and served on the Executive Committee.
  • Served as the WCSO's Municipal Utilities District Liaison for Off Duty Security Initiative.
  • Served on numerous WCSO Budget expenditure projects, always coming in flat or below projections.
  • Reconciled procedures, saving Williamson County millions of dollars in overtime, diversion to other funding streams, duplication, and waste.