Priorities for the williamson county sheriff's office

Mental Health

  To better serve citizens, reduce the recidivism rate, and decrease the burden on the taxpayer dollar, Mike has a commitment to support mental health initiatives. As sheriff, he would reinstate the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) and place emphasis on jail and emergency room diversion for those suffering from mental illness and substance abuse, as allowed by law.

Civil Rights


Mike believes that ALL civil rights are available immediately to all citizens, and are not subject to interpretation by elected or appointed officials. Through transparency and community engagement, he is committed to meeting the needs of all citizens in Williamson County. To foster this environment in our county, Mike is committed to ensuring inclusiveness and integrity are priorities for the Sheriff’s Office.

Sex Offender Compliance


Mike is committed to reinstating the Fugitive/Sex Offender Compliance Unit full time. These positions were demanded by the citizens through their County Commissioners, and Mike agrees that the community needs to know that these offenders are in compliance at all times. Offenders under minimal supervision can maintain their privacy through regular visits to the Sheriff’s Office. 

Civil Service for Employees

To decrease the turnover rate and promote a healthy work environment, Mike is committed to providing job, benefits, and retirement protection for all WCSO employees by managing the upcoming 2020 Civil Service Mandate. He will place priority on creating relationships with the Sheriff's Office Employees Associations, Commissioners Court, Civil Service Board, Various Sheriff’s Unions, and any other entity deemed appropriate to be involved in such matters. Additionally, Mike will address issues through various negotiations that expand and contract the oversight of Civil Service so it is mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

Fair Promotional Process

  To ensure leaders of the Williamson County Sheriff's Office are qualified for their positions, Mike will contract an outside third party vendor to initiate a study, testing, and selection process by rank, from Commander to Detective. This fair and equitable process will incorporate all aspects of leadership ability and qualifications.  Promotions will be based on, but not limited to: job performance reviews, in-basket testing, leadership qualities, oral interviewing, and written examinations. This process is essential to maintaining the quality and integrity of the leadership staff at the Williamson County Sheriff's Office. 

Hiring & Training Employees

  For the safety of WCSO deputies and the citizens of Williamson County, Mike will improve the standards of documentation and align all policies related to hiring and training employees. He will continuously verify that all potential and current employees are up to date with training standards and have not been fast tracked to fill vacancies. Additionally, Mike will ensure all TCOLE standards for documentation are met and audited by the Commission for accuracy. Lastly, using feedback from attending agencies and requirements from TCOLE, Mike will verify all candidates are receiving quality training at the D.A.W.G. Training Center.

School Safety


With several teachers in his family, Mike truly understands the importance of school safety and believes every student and teacher should feel safe while on campus. He is committed to building strong relationships between the Sheriff’s Office and the school districts in Williamson County. Using feedback from school administrators, Mike is prepared to meet the unique needs of each campus or district. 

Community First


Mike believes the positions allotted to the Patrol Division are budgeted by the Commissioners Court to provide patrol services to the neighborhoods and subdivisions in the Unincorporated Jurisdictions of the County. Currently a good number of those positions are assigned to newly created specialized units which provide little or no benefit to the citizen. Mike will be reinstate those positions back to patrol to provide police services as intended. The current staffing levels for adequate protection are not being met, subjecting you, your family, your neighbors , and Deputies to unneeded risk.

Specialized Units existence will be studied, prioritized by empirical data, and then requested through the proper channels as designed.